Keas Healthy Pfizer Challenge

Motivate people

Designing for change. Wellness initiatives are about motivating employees to change behaviors. It takes time, repeat messaging and ongoing support to turn good intentions into actions, and actions into habits. Graphic design elements are useful in encouraging the awareness of wellness initiatives through repeat messaging online, in print and on site.

Customized communications

Keas Health Challenge led to higher engagement. We created site-specific posters and e-signs featuring the local teams and reporting relevant results to the employees competing at Pfizer locations throughout the country. Engagement is much higher when the information is tailored to the interest of the participants.

Why should healthy people care about wellness programs? Create health heroes  >
“It’s not about programs; it’s about engagement.”

Jennifer Arcure


Creator of Healthy Pfizer



Employees Participated
Internal Brand Awareness
Brand Awareness
An infographic highlights the three steps every participant needs to remember.
The media calendar connects the components with the tasks.
Achieve 100% awareness with effective outreach
Achieve 100% awareness with effective outreach
A graphic design solution promotes a key initiative to Pfizer employees.
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Compete with confidence
Compete with confidence
The largest organization of YMCAs in New Jersey.
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Modernize your benefits strategy
Modernize your benefits strategy
DuPont’s online benefits enrollments skyrocketed with consistent, engaging messaging.
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