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We believe that the most successful businesses put design at the forefront.

Progress comes with purpose and deliberation. Design combines strategy with a great concept. Progress means delivering the right message to your key audience.

How do you want your future to look?

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“We’ve found remarkable support company-wide for the rebranding. The tagline has been especially well received; I think it underscores our sense of mission and reinforces the pride employees feel about our organization.”
Spencer Vibbert Vice President, External Affairs, IPRO
“The response so far has been outstanding. It has generated exactly the reaction we were hoping for.”
William E. Rotatori Chief Executive Officer, New England Asset Management
The Children’s Aid Society
“We use this tool all the time to communicate the core messaging to our partners and donors. It’s better than a 50-page positioning paper.”
Abe Fernández Co-Director, South Bronx Rising Together, and Director of Collective Impact, The Children’s Aid Society.
American College of Physicians
“The ACP logo system has been well received and brought much-needed order, visually and otherwise, to our communications.”
Wayne H. Bylsma, Phd, CAE Chief Operating Officer, American College of Physicians
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Everyone is not your audience. Who is?

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A Near Hit…or a Miss?

A Near Hit…or a Miss?

Can artificial intelligence ever really take over design and communication? Will algorithms rule the world? How much of our human work will be replaced by artificial intelligence? Artificial intelligence gets close to being real — sometimes too close — but it never really completes the task.

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How a drawing table sparked a new way of creating communication tools.

How a drawing table sparked a new way of creating communication tools.

How can we take so much content and whittle it down to a quick prospect pitch? A good cartoon synthesizes complex stories and ideas into essential images and captions.

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Online Headlines vs Print Headlines

Online Headlines vs Print Headlines

Online headlines for your website and for use in social media are more descriptive since they are written to be searched. Print headlines are written to entice and tend to be shorter. Writing for digital vs. print audiences is different. Do you want to get the most out of your online headlines?

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Langton Creative Group is a NY communications design firm dedicated to improving the way businesses and organizations interact with their audiences. We were founded as Langton Cherubino Group in 1990.

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